Valuation and Sustainability


Discover how to seamlessly integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into business valuation with this comprehensive guide. 

Designed for finance professionals and students alike, this book offers step-by-step instructions to empower you with the latest academic research and practical methodologies in the field.

Key benefits of this book:

  1. Targeted for both practitioners and students in finance at graduate and undergraduate levels, ensuring accessibility and relevance for diverse audiences.
  2. Translates cutting-edge academic research into user-friendly methodologies, bridging the gap between theory and practice in business valuation and ESG integration.
  3. Provides a centralized and organized source of information, making it a valuable resource for business school, university, and engineering school courses.
  4. Offers guidance for readers with no prior knowledge of business valuation, leading them through the ESG integration process and building a strong foundation.
  5. Presents simple financial valuation methods with step-by-step use cases, such as valuing a renewable energy firm using cash flow and multiple valuation methods.
  6. Enhances understanding of ESG data and ratings, enabling readers to integrate ESG factors into business valuation using cash flow and multiples approaches.
  7. Features practical case studies for applying ESG data in business valuation, ensuring readers can replicate these methods in real-world situations.
  8. Delivers insights into the latest academic research advances in ESG and business valuation for those looking to dive deeper into the subject matter.

Transform your approach to business valuation with this essential guide on integrating ESG data, perfect for finance professionals and students looking to stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.